My trip to the Global Conference

This year's Century 21 Global Conference was held in Las Vegas, NV.  We've all seen the movies showing big, out of town business conventions filled with drunken people and excessive partying...count me in!  I would like to think I can still party llike I'm 20, even though my son is almost 30. "Back in the day" I could party all night and get to work on time the next day!   The long hard winter has been hard on everyone so a chance to get away was a no-brainer!

There were so many educational sessions to pick from.  I wanted to make sure I took advantage of whatever I could.  As much as I put on an extroverted front, I really am quite shy and I really don't like going out on the town. I would much rather stay in and watch TV.  I love to learn so I was going to take advantage of whatever I could during the three-day event.  I figured I would be the only boring person at the 9 a.m. session every day and there would be a lot of sad, tired looking people hanging around the halls.  

What a surprise I got!  The energy - from registration to closing ceremonies was non-stop, addictive and filled the halls and the session rooms like helium!  I didn't see the wild parties, the drunken people - they must only be in the movies.  All I saw was an awesome event that was so full of information I got overwhelmed one afternoon and didn't know what to go to next. The sessions, the vendor expo, the learning labs - oh my - what to do next!  Every one of the over 3000 attendees were ready and raring to go every morning bright and early!  Everyone was friendly and open and ready to talk about their experiences.  I met many people from all over the world!  I even met people who work at the office in my neighbouring city!  It really was a "global" conference.  

I came home  with more knowledge, more confidence and with a new image of what conferences can be.  I am ready to "sell like a champion" and I know the information I gathered at the conference will help me be a better realtor for years to come.   A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in organizing the event.  The speakers and the venue were world-class.  I know how much work goes into organizing events like this - WELL DONE!!

I did take some time for fun in Las Vegas - even old ladies like me get out once in a while.  We rented a car and drove to the Hoover Dam, the Red Rock Canyon and Death Valley.  Yep, that's how I roll - sightseeing and history lessons are my party favours of choice these days and I had a great time!!  I can't wait until the Canadian Conference in Niagara Falls this September!  I'll be ready to party again by then!!




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