Some words of Encouragement!

I would like to share with you a personal experience that I hope can give everyone a little motivation in anything they try to accomplish!  This past weekend I completed the Warrior Dash Race.  This consists of a 3.5 mile course that contains 11 obstacles, including things such as rope climbing, swimming in mud, climbing cargo nets, hurdles, jumping over fire and many other crazy things they could come up with. (check it out at  The event includes over 5000 competitors in a 2 days of racing.  I have gained so much from this experience, not only did I accomplish every obstacle and beat some of my own personal fears.  I watched so many individuals from different ages, sizes, fitness levels, and ethnicities all come together an support each other.  So many gave words of encouragement or stayed back to help someone complete an obstacle, without worrying about their own time.  It was all about everyone completing the course to the best of their ability and everyone else showing respect to all who attempted the course.  

I don't believe everyone needs to do an obstacle course to be enlighted but I would like to remind everyone that it really does make you stronger when you push yourself, if you don't you will never realize your full potential.  Even when you think you can't make it there will be someone there whether it be a friend or a stranger to make sure you achieve your goals. 

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