The view from my office window - Part 1

This is one of the many reasonsI LOVE my job!    I was out looking for the location of a vacant property I had been asked to list.  It was a beautiful sunny day and my husband came along for the ride so we could spend some time together.  St. Joseph Island, or "the island" as everyone in the area calls it, is about 30 minutes away from Sault Ste. Marie.  Our first motorcycle ride every spring is around the island.  The highway winds around the island, through two small laid-back villages, up and over hills, around tight twisty corners, along the water where you can see ocean freighters navigating the shallow waters between U.S. and Canada and through maple forests where maple syrup lines are strung from tree to tree for miles.  The island is known for its abundance of deer and turkeys - you are almost guaranteed to see one or the other every time you're driving along the road.  On this sunny day, we saw at least 1/2 dozen deer leaping across the snowbanks to go over to the shoreline where the ice had melted away to provide them with a clear cold drink of water.  We watched turkeys performing a funny-looking conga line across the road , struggle up and over the snowbank and disappear into the forest.  The deer in the picture was nosing through the snow when we pulled up alongside her.  She didn't seem troubled by our presence - perhaps because she knew there was a sign in a tree above her that said "NO HUNTING".  I like to think she knew that anyway :).  She let us take a number of pictures before she slowly turned and walked peacefully away to look for food in another spot.

My job means I don't have to sit in a bricks and mortar office 9 - 5 everyday.  I have the chance to get out and enjoy a beautiful winter day, experience the joy of nature and spend time with my husband in the middle of the day.  I get to spend time with my elderly mother who now lives with us.  I can make sure she's comfortable in the mornings before I leave for work and take her to her appointments during the week.  I can work at home if I feel like it and go to the gym when it's not crowded with those poor people who have to go after 5 p.m. or before 8 a.m. because they're locked into an office all day.  I can take off for an hour and walk my dogs and meet other dog parents at the park.  I get the chance to interact with a lot of different people everyday and continue to build my business by these contacts.

I also love the my job because of the support I get from my broker and the office staff at Century 21 - Choice Realty Inc.  Jamie is always ready to answer any questions I have, offer advice and encouragement, or just pop his head into my office to say hi.  Deanna and Linda are always so willing to teach me what needs to be done so they can get everything processed correctly and quickly.  The other agents are friendly and helpful and really do work together as a team.  The combined years of experience in the office is a virtual bank of knowledge that I can draw from and information and advice is always freely given.  The agents get together for fun events and to help fund-raise for causes in the community.  I came from a small independent brokerage and was not used to such camaraderie and support. The technology, training and support  at Century 21 is second to none and I am so excited to be part of the organization.  I know I will be happy and successful here for many years to come.