Welcome to 2015

Hoping everyone is having a great start to the New Year!  Most of us whether we make an official resolution or not usually are hoping to see some kind of a change when the New Year comes.  Some may want to get organized, some to get healthier, maybe to get more active, or make more money.  Whatever you set out to do I recommend making small shifts that will lead you in the direction of your goal. These shifts or changes to our behavior will be much easier to make last throughout the year when old habits try to get in the way.  Naturally it depends on your desired outcome what changes you make but for example if you want to organize your home. Begin with creating a list of all the areas you want to work on.  Now break that down into weeks and commit to one task each week.  It may seem like things will never get completed but you are much more likely to follow through when the task isn't so overwhelming.  You can apply this principle to any areas where you are seeking improvement.  I will be following up on the topic of staying on track and making small shifts to improve your life in upcoming blogs.