While we wait for Spring to Arrive!

Since Spring seems to be coming a little slower then we would like it to, I thought I would share some ideas that will help you to get into the Spring spirit or prepare your house to sell in the Spring market.

-Clean out a closet.

-Freshen up a room with a new fun paint color.

-Donate items you are no longer using, or clothing you haven't worn through the winter ( you won't wear it next year if you didn't wear it this year).

-Clean the inside of your windows (this way when the sun shows up you will be able to see it).

-Change your furniture around.

These is are just a few ideas of some things that can brighten up your home, your mood, and things that will get done so when the weather is nice you aren't wasting time indoors.

Check back for more ideas or let me know your thoughts or questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!