We often hear about first time home buyers....what about the first time home seller?


Weather you've lived in your home 5 years or 35 years, it’s hard to remember all the things that happened during the process.

Your Realtor® will be able to assist you in all those steps and should go over those details with you at the time of listing.

And choosing a Realtor® is absolutely an important part of this process, take your time, just as when you purchased, the sale of your home is important too. You should be able to trust “your Realtor®” and know that they have your best interest in mind.

A few things people often don't know when it comes to selling their home...

Real Property Report
– it is actually written into the listing contract as well as the purchase contract and should reflect the current state of the property. What does that mean? It means, it should show the location of the structure as well as any decks, garages and fences…it may also show storage sheds. The RPR should also be stamped with compliance from the city or town. There are a number of different situations and errors along with solutions that your knowledgeable Realtor® will have.

Development permits – If you have a newer home and you have done some development to it, did you apply for your permits? Permits are required for basement development, which include electrical, framing and final inspection and in some cases plumbing. Also, have you built a detached garage, a fence or a deck?

Mortgage Payouts
– one step that some home owners need to be diligent at is with checking into the mortgage details…do you have a pay-out penalty? …will you “port” your current mortgage? …sometimes it is best to speak to a financial lender, weather that is a mortgage broker or someone from your local bank.


Selling a home, as mentioned, is just as important as buying one. Be sure that you have the right person working for you, one that will get the job done!


Are you thinking about selling your home, contact me to see if we are a fit for each other!


Christine Bourke

Realtor – The Consider it Done team!

Century 21 AdvantageRed Deer, AB

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