Corporate to Real Estate

Having been in the corporate world for all of my adult life, the move into real estate was an eye opener.  And I was aware of most of it before I started. 

I was amazed to see a bill for $1.89 for photocopying six pieces documents.  Astonished that they really meant it when they said it takes a while to break in.  And I thought that was for Realtors that didn't work very hard.  Unaware that I really have to create my job every day.  Not to mention the poverty.  These lean times, (and I hope they end soon), seem to be the learning curve.  To correlate that with the corporate world, I suppose this is the entry level training, mopping the floor and pouring coffee, until you earn the 'promotion'.

To say that realtors are over paid or don't earn their money, may be true for some ungrateful realtors that may been burnt out and in desperate need of a long sabbatical.  But, I can assure anyone who reads this, I will ALWAYS BE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR ANY TRUST YOU PLACE IN ME. 

I suppose life experience helps.  Being 50 give you the advantage of not taking everything so seriously.  Which I did up until March when I turned 50.  I have decided to make this adventure fun, and thrilled to take anyone with me who wants to go.

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