Well the ballots are counted and, for the most part, the incumbents were victorious.

I don't know why?

City Council approved 20 million in allocation for bicycles to have equal access to our streets.  Now let me get this straight;  we are one of the largest cities, geographically speaking, in the world.  We have increasing traffic gridlock, (let's add a spare lane for a bicycle???), and we have SIX MONTHS OF WINTER!

The current council is not pro development.  And when a recent video of a meeting with the CEO's of various builders present, advising which candidates might be more for development, the media relayed the story with an accusatory slant.  Canada has a huge amount of land, HUGE!  Why should a property lot in a new development be as expensive as it is?  Because of the low annexation.  Build up, not around they tell us! 

Maybe council could better assess this mess by riding around on their bicycles!

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