Sticker Shock

My Mother and her husband have long toyed with the idea of spending the winter in Cabo San Lucas and the summer in Calgary.  Rent an apartment in Calgary for $1200, according to what she has seen online, and their home in Cabo is paid for.

Not a bad idea. 

Wait a minute!

They currently live in San Antonio Texas, and probably aren't aware of the following:

Vacancy rates in Calgary have sunk since the June floods.  My Mother has 'standards' that a $1200 apartment would probably not meet.  And then there are the dogs.  Four fabulous pooches that 'sing' when the phone rings, constantly want in and out, and are pretty good watchdogs, well one in particular.  If they could even find a landlord to allow for 4 dogs, can you imagine the neighbors?  They would probably not find the 'singing' as enjoyable as the rest of us.

Solution is a bungalow with a fenced in yard.  Rentable for about $4000 a month.

I think we are safe for the time being.

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