Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Here are some easy steps, to help PREVENT Carbon Monoxide in your home!

  • Fuel-burning appliances (furnace, H/W tank, fireplace, gas stove etc) should be checked regularly by a qualified technician!
  • Furnace filter should be checked monthly and replaced (if needed).
  • Indoor & outdoor vents and chimneys should be cleared of debris, snow and ice .
  • Area around fuel-burning appliances should be kept clutter free!
  • Flame of all natural gas appliances checked regularly (should be blue).
  • Adequate air supply (nearby window opened) when using a wood burning fireplace.
  •   Vehicles never idled in garage, even with the overhead door open.

To help DETECT Carbon Monoxide in your home

  • CO detector(s) installed and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Expiry date written on detector(s), with marker.
  • Replace batteries annually, if applicable.


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