Caulking Tools and Techniques

Caulking is one of those jobs, that seem so simple & end up causing nothing but grief for most people!! So here are a couple of great tips to help out.

To be fully successful, caulked joints need to be both durable and good looking. You’re marked on neatness in this class. Although you’ll find all kinds of tools for applying caulking well, it’s hard to beat the cheapest and simplest: a roll of masking tape and a plastic spoon.

Lay down a strip of tape on each side of the joint, inject a bead of caulking into the gap, then tool the bead within 5 minutes.

Peel the tape up (taking excess caulking with it) and everyone will think you’re a pro. Tooling makes the joint look neater, and improves adhesion by forcing caulking into the surrounding surfaces. If a spoon proves to wide for some applications, try a short length of dowel.

I got this tip from Steve Maxwell at

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