Chianti - An old friend!

Chianti’s on Whyte Ave has been a long-time favourite with my family and we decided to visit again on Sunday evening.

We had out of country visitors, one of whom’s parents were from Italy, so it was a good test. It passed with flying colours, On a cold November evening it was great to enter a warm & inviting room and the window table was nice for watching people scurrying about to avoid the cold!

The food was really good, with the veal cannelloni matching up to my guest’s mother’s homemade….always a good thing.

But far and away the best part of the evening was our server, Brenda. She was wonderful with a ready smile and pleasant manner and once again we were reminded how important good service is to the whole dining experience.

If you haven’t been to Chianti for a while or have never been, then pay them a visit….you will enjoy yourself!

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