Backyard Birding 101

Attracting Wild Birds to Your Backyard:

Success will take patience and trial and error. Wild birds need to feel safe from predators and protected from severe changes in weather. Try to set up your yard so that the wild birds can see the water source from the feeding station.  Nest boxes should be located far enough away from feeding stations that the young birds are not disturbed by feeding station activity.  A triangular setup works the best.

1.) Water Source; bird bath high enough off the ground that neighborhood cats cannot access and shallow enough birds can have a bath without fear of drowning. Placing river or field rock in bird baths creates a natural watering station.

2.) Nest Boxes: research appropriate boxes and openings, height off of ground and placement out of severe winds and driving rains.

3.) Bird Feeding: quality birdseed has no millet, no oats, no milo which are all just fillers. Bird seed must be fresh and feeders cleaned regularly.  BIrds will not eat moldy, wet or contaminated birdseed. Wild birds can become very ill from old bird seed.

4.) Hummingbirds: need a water source along with clear nectar. Feeders should be placed out of the sun, out of the wind and high enough off of the ground from predators and ants.

Any questions about attracting wild birds to your backyard please call me direct: 403-627-1935


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