Cindy's Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring has Sprung!.....More day light means we can better see those bouncing dust bunnies and outrageous winter & spring weather, works of window art!

Whether you have just bought a home, or are thinking about selling your home, nothing.....compares to a clean home....first impressions of a home last forever.......

Cleaning Requirements:  Desire to clean....elbow grease........and a good sense of never know what kind of treasures you will find....

1.) Window Washing:  3 parts ammonia & 1 part hot water in a bucket & long handled squeegee.  Use an old clean towel to wipe squeegee and dry edges of the window off.  For inside windows and mirrors fill a clear spray bottle with 3 parts ammonia and 1 part water.  Use paper towel or an old clean towel to wipe and dry.  If you still see streaks mix 3 parts vingar and 1 part water into another clean spray bottle, wipe and dry. 

2.) Dusting: Check out all the short and long handled dusters that "Swifter" puts out.  They work great on hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum floors plus nick nacks, light fixtures, corners and walls.  This time of year I like to treat my antique wood furniture to a rub down using Old English Lemon Oil.  Collectables deserve a more one on one cleaning.  Use warm water, a splash of dish soap and an old clean tea towel & q-tips. 

****Table linens, curtains & light weight throw rugs can be quickly freshened up in the "Steam Cycle" of front load washers, add a dryer sheet to light colored fabrics for longer freshness.  If the fabrics items are washable, and are really dirty, a large load or delicate load, wash cycle, on most washing machine, should do the job.  Wash darks & light colored items separately.

Always Read "Care Labels" before washing.

3.) Fridge & Stove:  Remove and/or throw away any expired food.  Dish soap and hot water will get the inside of a fridge fresh and clean.  Ammonia and water works great on the outside of the fridge and stove. (Don't forget to clean the rubber seals around the tops and sides of the doors)  Pull fridge away from wall to clean behind and underneath. A stove that has not been cleaned regularly on the inside, will need a lot of time, elbow grease and patience!  If you can't pull the stove out from the wall, pull the bottom drawer of the stove right out and clean underneath. Always ask friends and family to help, if appliances are to heavy to move!

Cleaning is good excercise and can be very therapeutic.  Clean one room at a time, put on your favorite music and start moving!

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