Great Marketing Program with Century 21

Clients ask me today, "What is it the you, as a Century 21 realtor can do for me  that other real estate agents cannot"?  My answer is, that selling now is all about Marketing on the internet.  Now more than 90% of people who are looking for a home to buy will check out the internet first.  Here is where the Century 21 websites will stand out,  BECAUSE we offer to serve our sellers in the following ways.

First: each of our sellers are given individually branded service by giving them their own domain name and website.  For example one of my listings, located in Niagara on the Lake, is located at 108 Lockhart St.  If anyone driving by wants to view the listing, just taking down the street address of this property, and opening it up in Google, will open a web page giving the prospective buyer all the information about the listing as well as  21 photos of the property both inside and out. How cool is that?  If you don't believe me try another one.  Check out 469 Simcoe St.

Property address marketing is the most important listing tool for sellers.  And its so easy.  Every Century 21 seller gets their very own domain name, and their own Google website, not to mention the best realtors serving their clients.  This applies to prospective buyers too. In most cases, when a buyer calls on a listing, he knows the property he wants to see, and has allready had his or her first meeting with the realtor, based on the information he sees in the website.

When a purchase and sale has taken place, there is more.  We reward our clients with "Air Miles" as well as a thank you for choosing me at Century 21.  We make it happen for you, with as little stress as possible.  Another reason why our clients keep coming back