I was tagged

A friend in Charlottetown PEI Joel Ives, a fellow CENTURY21 Real Estate Broker tagged me in his blog. With the request to blog about 7 things in your life or about you that you might share and then to tag  7 people you know. I know it sounds like a chain letter but think past that...

Well so much for discussing the real estate market or Niagara-on-the-lake today. Here it goes...

1. I once worked for the federal government as a Customs Inspector, asking people where thet lived as opposed to do you want to sell your house.

2. That is where I met my wife and talked her into spending her life with me. Thank godness.

3. When our first son was born, he came early and we hadn't really packed anything so I packed what I thought was needed in my hockey bag. What? What is wrong with that? Very Canadian eh!

4. When I was in school, my parents had gone away and I decided to use their car for a road trip to a Montreal Canadiens game. What I failed to notice was that the 1,5000 kms put Dad's car over mileage on service. Oops! I am not even a Canadiens fan. Go OILERS go!

5. I once played Santa Claus in a school play. Imagine I was the lead. Oh yes and during the show my pants fell down. (I had some underneath of course) Scared for life.

6. I plan on sailing around the world. But will start with Lake Ontario. When I bought my first sail boat 5 years ago I had never sailed before. My dock neighbours were nervous, 5,000 lbs of fibreglass can leave a mark.

7. In high school I was elected to student council as Zman. My posters mere just a capital Z on blank paper. What ever works for voters.

So I will tag Richard Silver and his Downtown TO blog Torontoism,  Joel Ives out in PEI thanks for starting me off, OREA President Elect Pauline Aunger get blogging this is your tech year,   Mike Campagna IT guy for GMAC SugarPine Realty who I met via Twitter and has a blog that is very interesting thanks for following my tweats, Peter Simpson recently retired from CREA brains of mls.ca , Gary Burroughs Lord Mayor Town of Niagara-on-the-lake, and Jim Marshall in Parry Sound.