Local Transportation Solution

In the current NOTL municipal election the issue of a transit solution has been on the minds of many voters. Since the launch of my campaign, support for a solution was a vital part of my platform. Connecting NOTL to the Region and abroad and a local point-to-point service within the Town is required. The Town's completed transportation study supports this and has identified the transportation needs of the Town residents and the appetite for publicly funded transit.

Glendale has been identified as a key terminus for transit. Any plan for transit must have Glendale as the focus of the long term plan. Glendale should have a Regional inter-municipal stop, Go Transit and private coach line operators in the long term.

Additionally we need to identify the transportation service providers currently operating in the Town and see if or how their services could fit into NOTL’s transit needs.

The opportunity now is to connect with the Region's Inter-municipal Transit Model. Ensure the Region includes service to Glendale and a NOTL route with terminus in Glendale, similar to the feeder routes out of Fort Erie and Port Colborne. The rural areas could link using a local point to point service.

This solution connects all the villages and provides access to Go Transit, the GTA and the Region of Niagara.

Gary Zalepa Jr.