NIagara's Blessed with fresh produce

Further to my point on lifestyle and selecting Niagara for your home, I was kindly reminded about our abundant access to fresh produce. Thanks for that reminder. In Niagara we can stop along the road, drop in a local produce market and select from freshly picked fruits such as peaches and plums to many vegetables, corn on the cob, squash and broccoli. Just to name a few. In Niagara we are blessed to have such great access to fresh, farm delivered produce. That sure beats selecting produce from a shelf after it has ridden a 1,000 miles in a truck!

Currently the grape growers are busy harvesting and you cannot help but notice the activity along our rural roads. I love the smell of "grapes" in the morning, along the back roads. The colours are taking in the trees, bright yellows this year seem to out number the reds. Here's to the harvest in 2008.