Remembrance Day Ceremony Virgil Public School 2010

Nov 11, 2010

Virgil Grade 4 Class Poem

The following was delivered to Students, parents, teachers at Virgil Public School...


Greetings, from Lord Mayor & The Council of Niagara-on-the-Lake…


Remembrance Day. What are we asking YOU to remember exactly?

  • ·        Vimy Ridge, Canadian soldiers, Juneau Beach
  • ·        Treaty of Versailles, Winston Churchill,

is it possible that Remembrance Day is asking to remember other things?

  • ·        Is it to remember your manners?
  • ·        Or maybe to clean your room?


Well sort of … but not exactly.  


Most of us today were not even born when the brave men and women, our veterans, went over seas during the wars. You have learned this week about the places our veterans were sent; about the experiences they encountered and the difficulties that they lived with for their remaining years.


You are asked to Remember these very important facts of personal sacrifice.


I believe that we are asked to Remember even MORE. We are asked to Remember our mutual, moral responsibilities. Remember I mentioned cleaning your room and watching your manners? Well, moral responsibility is more like that.  Moral responsibility is much MORE to Remember. It is choosing to do good when it matters. And it honours the reasons why our veterans went overseas and why they did what they had to do.


So, Remember the facts and sacrifices of our brave veterans but also remember their message. That it is our responsibility to do good when it matters, making the world a better place than that which we inherited.


It was my privilege to attend with you today. Thank you to the veterans for their sacrifice in making our lives so much better. Thank you Mdme. Zoccoli for inviting me, and congratulations to Virgil School for organizing this terrific Remembrance Day Ceremony.


Gary Zalepa

Councillor Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake

  Lt. Jim Hill, addressing the students today at Virgil Public School.