Save Our High School

The local school board has been in a process of accommodation review for NOTL schools. Many residents have contributed countless hours  through the process. A citizens committee struck by the DSBN ( school board) came up with the recommendation to close Queenston and move students into a renovated St. Davids School, close Colonel John Butler and Virgil Public school and combine students into a new virgil public school, renovate Parliament Oak and build a new High School at the current 29 acre site of the old high school.

In its wisdom the DSBN staff report reccommends closing the current high school and consolidating the elementary schools as the committee recommended. At no time was closing the high school a recommendation of the committee.

During the last several weeks the community has been having discussions that could bring the community into a consensus opinion that trustees would have difficulty ignoring.  Hopefully this can be achieved. It would be truly disappointing for our children to have to be shipped out to other communities for their public education.

As a REALTOR I had the following discussion with a potential NEW resident ...

This past Sunday I was hosting an Open House for a property I'm selling in the Old Town ... 


Sunday April 27, 2008

... I opened the door at 622 Simcoe St. to greet a couple from Grimsby and their grade seven age daughter. We exchanged greetings and I welcomed them inside. As the husband was removing his shoes he asked,   

"What is the status of the local high school?"  

I provided him with an update on the DSBN's process and timetable and explained that the school's status was in question.  

He then stated that he would not be able to consider Niagara-on-the-Lake if the high school closed. His family have always wanted to move into Town but without these facilities NOTL would be off the list.  

This is real life and will greatly impact our community.  Let the decision makers at the DSBN know how much impact a closure would have on the fabric of our community. Lets not let the DBN do this to our community.