Verdict of NOTL's only High School

Last evening the DSBN (District School Board of Niagara) met and decided not to close NDSS (Niagara District Secondary School). This would seem to be good news. Unfortunately the board did not offer another solution. They did offer another ultimatum which continues to keep the threat of a closure over the heads of students and the community.

This is no way for the community to attract new residents and families. Please can someone have enough leadership to make a quality decision? Once again members of the community will have to mobilize and take action to protect their interests in the absence of representation at the DSBN.

The community put forward a terrific solution. One that included a comprehensive plan to construct a small community based elementary school, a small community based secondary school and a community centre on the site of the old high school. Trustees had an opportunity to make a great decision. DSBN staff in this review process were not supportive of our community. Elected trustees have simply placed the onus on the back of our community to grow attendance in a facility that they have neglected for over 10 years. Shame on them. 

Lets move forward.

1. We need to secure program funding, and capital funding for renovations for the secondary school from the DSBN

2. We need to institute the Parent Advisory Council for the secondary school (through this group the community can liason with the board and market the school to the community)

3. We need to take our findings and concerns to Queens Park.

A community should not be held hostage by a Regional School Board.