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Old Town

Welcome to the original core of the Town. Over the years it was formally known as Butlersburg, Newark and Niagara and as Onghiara by the aboriginal peoples. With Queen Street It forms the commercial centre of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and contains the heritage district as well as a large urban area that is surrounded by Provincially protected Greenbelt lands.

Many of the homes and properties that pre date 1812 were destroyed with the American invasion during the War of 1812. Some properties have survived, such as St. Mark's Aglican Church and the infamous Angel Inn.

The Town has a large amount of greenspace, with 3 significant National Historic Sites, Fort George, Fort Missisaugua and Butler's Barracks. With municipal parks including Simcoe and Queens Royal Parks providing terrific places to find shade and enjoy the water views.

Old Town contains a diverse variety of housing styles and provides a little something for everyone. Explore the many unique areas and discover why it is such a special place for residents.

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