Great Waterfront Trail Adventure- begins in Niagara-on-the-Lake

This was a great event. I feel it would be a good idea to capitalize on it's success. I believe in future years The Town of NOTL could promote this as a special event in NOTL, like the any of our other events and perhaps get more involved.

Perhaps Parks&Rec Committee can ask Clive to report back on increasing our involvement with this event with the goal to attract additional participants and visitors to Town.

Thank you NOTL for making the 2009 Great Waterfront Trail Adventure such a

roaring success! We hosted 252 people over the 8 days most of whom live in

Ontario and discovered what a fascinating waterfront we have. Over and over

we heard from the riders how much they enjoyed getting to know the

waterfront communities and how surprised they were by its loveliness and


Festivities began the day before the launch at Fort George with Venifest, a

concert featuring the world music of Juno-Award winner Afrafranto. The night

ended with a spectacular display of fireworks from the US.

After a filling breakfast thanks to the Friends of Fort George and a send

off by NOTL Councillor Zalepa, the cannon blasted to kick off our 730 km


Day One was fabulous! Great signage, helpful marshalling by members of the

Regional Niagara Bicycling Committee, the Niagara Freewheelers Bicycling

Touring Club, great food at the rest stops, a gourmet lunch served by

August, and interesting displays by the 20 Valley Tourism, Niagara Peninsula

CA, Ducks Unlimited and the Grimsby Historical Society.

Grimsby Mayor Bentley who rode with us in Grimsby, motivated our youngest

rider Dylan, 4 years old, to keep riding with the promise of fresh

strawberry shortcake with ice cream in Grimsby. I didn't think anyone was

going to leave Grimsby owing in part to exhaustion from a strong head wind

and the great strawberry shortcake and ice cream! We finished Day one in

Hamilton's Confederation Park dining at area restaurants and patios to

celebrate the end of the first day.

Your work -- from promoting the event to creating a lasting impression on

the Adventurers is deeply appreciated-and is earning the Waterfront Trail a

reputation for being one of our Province's best places to visit and the

Adventure as being one of the best ways to do the whole thing.

A couple from California who rode this year, told me how they occasionally

come to Toronto for short weekend visits usually as part of a business trip.

Last year they found the event listing for the Adventure and were too late

to sign up. However they remembered to sign up early for 2009 and instead of

a weekend in Toronto, they spent 8-days visiting 41 communities.

They were so enthusiastic about all they had seen in the waterfront

communities. Congratulations everyone and thank you so much from everyone at

the Trust.



The Waterfront Trust would like to extend a big heartfelt thank you to all

of our partners who helped out with the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure

this year. This year's tour was another success, thanks in large part to all

of your efforts and incredible hospitality - the feedback we have been

receiving from participants so far has been outstanding. Media coverage was

excellent again this year, with spots in radio, TV and print in communities

all along the Trail. We've compiled some statistics and information about

this year's tour below for your information.

GWTA Rider Stats


252 riders (including 30 volunteers)

197 end-to-enders (including 30 volunteers)

54 part way riders

youngest rider age 4 / oldest rider age 77

average age: 45

19 participants from Quebec

25 Family Day participants (July 5th)

Trends we noticed (from pre-tour survey):

83% come from Ontario

44% describe themselves as somewhat fit; 45% very fit.

43% indicated the GWTA is their first multi-day tour

52% are training for the Adventure; 48% are using the Waterfront

Trail in this training.

82% have been on the Waterfront Trail

17% had never heard of the Trail before learning about the Adventure

Perceptions of the Trail (from pre-tour survey):

92% like that the Trail is near to water

76% like that it is easy to use for fitness and exercise

57% like that it is connected to other communities

61% don't like that the Trail is not all off-road





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