Banff Western Connection

     I just got back from the "Banff Western Connection" at the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel.  The conference was attended by leaders in the Real Estate industry across western Canada.  Many of the speakers talked about the use of "Social media" which seems to be the buzz word of today.  When you consider that there's a whole generation coming up who don't remember life before "Facebook" it certainly makes sense that one would want to jump on board!!  In fact, if my 13 year old grand daughter can blackberry pin message me, this if anything ought to be a sign of the times!!

     A senior Economist from CIBC was also on hand to give a very insightful opinion of where he feels our industry is headed.  His prediction was that he could see a possible rise in interest rates this spring, and then hold relatively strong for the future.  Stability in our market place is good for everyone.

     So is it a good time to buy and sell Real Estate you ask?  You bet it is!! 

C. Keith Weinbender

C. Keith Weinbender

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