Ready, Set, GO!

Welcome to my first Blog post as a REALTOR... actually, my first EVER blog post! This blog will be weekly following my first year as a REALTOR. I was inspired to do this from my brother Brent and his wife Molly. They became first-time parents last January (2016) and are blogging their first year as parents. It's funny and nice to follow their progress (along with little Miss Avery's) but best of all, it's REAL life.

The thought of becoming a REALTOR had crossed my mind many times before but it was never the right timing. When Ryan (my husband) & I started a family over 7 years ago, we made the choice for me to stay home with the kiddos. I've loved being home for them but as they're older now, I was ready to do something for me. It was time to pursue a career in Real Estate.

Last Fall, I reached out to a local Realtor here in Cochrane and hit it off. She quickly became my mentor and guided me through the process of getting licensed - Thank you Shelly! Soon thereafter, 2 GIANT binders showed up at my door - Fundamentals of Real Estate (Part I & II). It was very intimidating but I was super keen and couldn't wait to jump in! Studying is like riding a bike, you never forget how and before long our kitchen table became my study zone and was littered with cue cards & highliters. I wrapped up that course in May and then took the Residential course and completed it in September. I was now eligible for licensing!  

Next step was to sign with a Brokerage. For me, this decision was by far the most stressful part of the process. I definitely wanted to get my career started on the right foot and with no regrets. When it came down to decision time, an opportunity presented itself that I couldn't say no to AND to be able to work with Alex Miller (a long time friend from Kindergarten!), it became a no brainer. I signed with Century 21 Elevate Real Estate Oct 1st and it became official! I'm a licensed REALTOR!

Wow! It's scary to put yourself out there and start your own business but it's also a very exciting time! I'm incredibly blessed to be able to go after my dream job thanks to the support of my family & friends and I have no doubt it's going to be an awesome ride! I told Ryan the other day I've been sure about 3 things in life, marrying him, having our 3 kids - some days ;) and deciding to become a REALTOR! It feels so right and I can't wait to start! Thanks for following me on this journey!

Ready, Set, GO!

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  1. Lynn 10/19/2016 at 9:57 AM

    We are so happy for you Claire, Congratulations on your well earned accomplishments and thanks for sharing your journey as Realtor. Your organized, hard working, fearless, loyal and genuine caring nature will no doubt help you, help others find their dream homes. Best Wishes for a long and successful career.

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