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Bruce Liang

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LIANG商业是卡尔加里华人经纪 Calgary Chinese Realtor 最大的,最优秀,最专业商业地产团队。团队经纪深刻领悟商业地产交易的精髓,有着丰富的商业地产交易与投资经验。 主攻餐馆、酒店/汽车旅馆,加油站,生意买卖,工业厂房,写字楼,零售,土地及多户住房,商业物业出租与出售,以及土地投资物业买卖。LCRE由Bruce Liang先生于2001年建立,前身为Bruce Liang 商业地产团队。通过团队协作,以及专业的行业知识与经验,我们期待可以进一步地提升团队的服务。




 LIANG商业地产团队是最大的,最优秀,最专业的商业地产团队。我们团队的华人经济有着丰富的商业地产交易与投资经验,誉满卡尔加里 Calgary,爱民顿 Edmonton及阿尔伯达省 Alberta。精通国语及粤语,热诚服务卡尔加里 Calgary,爱民顿 Edmonton,阿尔伯达省 Albert, BC 省 及 沙省Saskatchewan的华人客户及海外投资者


LIANG Commercial is the top Chinese Commercial realtors in Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta with unrivalled breadth and depth of commercial experience. Our Chinese realtors in Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta, speak Mandarin and Cantonese, and severing Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, Chinese clients and investors, and oversea investors.

Bruce Liang, President, M.Sc, P.Eng

Cell: 403-606-0112 Email:

Bruce Liang is Founder of Liang Commercial Real Estate (LCRE). As a guiding force behind the firm, Mr. Liang’s commitment to quality, professionalism, and integrity have been demonstrated throughout the organization. Bruce has been a specialist in the commercial real estate industry in Calgary for over 18 years. He has completed 80-100 commercial transactions per year.  Prior to forming Liang Commercial Real Estate (LCRE), Mr. Liang was a commercial manager with Century 21 Bravo Realty. He received his undergraduate degree from Guangdong University of Technology and his master’s degree from University of Saskatchewan. Bruce has strong market knowledge/skills and has provided support and training to other commercial Realtors. Bruce specializes in all aspects of restaurant sales and leasing, business and business with property sales, and commercial sales and leasing - retail, office, industrial, and land.


Kaukab Saher, Associate Vice President, B. Edu

cell: 403- 968-5525    email:

In today's challenging  commercial real estate market, your choice of Real Estate Professional does matter. I will guide you through the process and take care of your investment. Kaukab has an experience in Calgary and surrounding real estate commercial market. Her personal approach and high regard for her client's interest are complimented by honest and trustworthy. Kaukab enjoys educating her clients throughout the real estate process to assist them in making confident and informed decision. Whether you are buying or selling commercial property our goal is to ensure that you have the best real estate experience possible.




Gurprit Sidhu, Executive Vice President, B. Eng., MiCP

cell: 403- 831-5000    email:

I am a professional sales representative with 13 years of real estate experience. I have been with CENTURY 21 Bravo for 12 years. During these years I have acquired an in-depth understanding of the market and needs of its customers. I am an accomplished professional with the skills essential to providing knowledgeable and proficient service. I have dedicated my career to providing outstanding individual service with established experience and personal attention. I am committed to handling clients with respect and informing them on processes, details and situations to allow them to make the best decision for themselves.



Elton Lui,Executive Vice President, C.C.S. / A.C.P. / MiCP

cell: 403-828-8008    email:

As a Liang Commercial Real Estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. I have a comprehensive understanding of the commercial market and skillful in strategic pricing and marketing. I am strongly committed to serve my clients with exceptional market knowledge, provide ingenious solutions beyond their expectations. I have the capability of winning client’s trust with my skills in communication, negotiation and financial analysis which allows my clients to evaluate all scenarios and make informed decisions.  I help people every step of the way when it’s involved in commercial real estate and investment, providing professional and trustworthy full service.


Tina Ho, Associate, B.Sc

cell: 403-680-5585    email:

Tina provides specific and customized commercial real estate strategies resulting in exceptional outcomes for all clients. Having a strong passion for business and market knowledge allows Tina to be the most dependable asset when working hard in leasing, commercial sales, and investment opportunities. Tina’s ability to offer innovative advice and share thoughtful business ideas have allowed her to develop and maintain positive client relationships. 



Jason Lu Associate Vice President
cell: 403-560-9130   email:
Jason specializes in retail leasing, commercial building sale, business sales, restaurants, auto shop, spa/massage, medical clinic and grocery store. He has been in commercial real estate since 1989 and has won numerous awards with Century 21  Canada system. As a Liang Commercial Real Estate professional, Jason dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. He is strongly committed to serve his clients with exceptional market knowledge, provide ingenious solutions beyond their expectations. 
Tarjinder Dhillon, Associate Vice President, B. Sc
cell: 403-870-0001    email:
Tarjinder Dhillon has been a licensed Real Estate Agent for 6 years and has helped many businesses and individuals with their real estate needs. He is a very recommended professional from various top industry leaders. He has ample knowledge of Calgary and Vancouver markets. He specialises: Office, Retail, Industrial and Development Land. His customer service and business financial assessment skills make him a very distinguished professional.  
Phil Yan, Associate Vice President, B.Eng.
Cell: 587-719-7999 email:
As a member of LCRE my goal is to ensure that you have the best real estate experience possible.Whether you are looking to sell your current business, purchase a business or investment, I have the resources and expert knowledge to make sure that you get the best service and the best possible price for exactly what it is you are looking for.I have received the best training and technological support in the industry to make sure that I can deliver high quality service using the best tools possible. I am 100% committed to my Clients and am honored to be able to help them with their business.
Hampton Han, Associate
cell: 403-969-2518   email:
Hampton received his Real Estate License and has made real estate his full time career since 2005. He has successfully closed many commercial real estate sales and leases over the years and developed experience in local and regional commercial real estate. His experience, knowledge, honesty will provide the best customer service in today's competitive market.