DARWIN IKEA MONKEY & DAVID HUTCHINSON 778-839-5442 (Why do they look so much alike, and are never seen together?)


QUESTIONS ABOUND ABOUT THE CURIOUS FASCINATION WITH DARWIN THE IKEA MONKEY.  Is it because of his sheepskin chic coat, his impeccable manners at the IKEA while those around him trampled all over.  His flawless demeaner by the elevator and in the parking lot, where usually the more human of us usually trample all over each other in anticipation of getting through those metal doors or to our cars?

Or is it his unshakeable calmness amidst this media frenzy?

All the while, his so-called caregivers rush to court to get their beloved Darwin--whether he is a believer in a higher power is yet to be determined--back from his apparent current uncivilized incarcaration.

Further questions also arise concerning the photo below, for example, who is the confused looking boy to Yasmin Nakhuda's right, who is the bewildered young man to her left (and what's on his head?), what on earth is the man in the background so happy about, and finally what's with the lip piercing? 


yasmin nakuda ikea monkey darwin

OSHAWA - The owner of Darwin the Ikea monkey will not be allowed to have her beloved pet primate home for the holidays.

The young macaque monkey that became a sensation after being found alone — and well dressed — in an Ikea parking lot earlier in December will remain at an animal sanctuary northeast of Toronto at least until the case to determine who will keep the animal comes up again in January, Justice Michael Brown ruled Friday.

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