Final open house on possible bike lane changes for Kits

Dozens at #kits library 2 hear Point Grey Corridor bike lane proposal

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The last of a series of open houses on possible new bike lanes through Kitsilano was held this evening.

The city says the proposals for Cornwall Avenue and Point Grey Road are aimed at making the busy route safer for everyone, mainly cyclists and pedestrians.

There are two options being put forth explains Dale Bracewell with the City’s transportation department. One would be reducing one route to local traffic, and the other option would be to create a one way street with a divided bike lane.

“One is a local street option for Point Grey Road essentially between Alma and Macdonald. It would propose to have wider sidewalks for pedestrians and then on the local street we would expect to have essentially less than 500 vehicles a day,” says Bracewell. “The other proposal is one which would keep it as an arterial street but it would be a one way west bound arterial street, and again we’d have a wider north sidewalk to make it more comfortable for pedestrians, but in this case as best practices we would separate cyclists away from the westbound traffic,” explains Bracewell.

Susan lives in the area and rides her bike frequently. She prefers the second option. “Point Grey Road is really narrow and pot holey, there are lots of folks parked on both sides and so it’s unsafe. I like the option of having a divided lane with a cycling lane, rather than sharing with pedestrians and cyclists sharing.”

Others in the neighbourhood are concerned about parking and congestion if changes are made. “The thing that worries me is, where the hell are all these cars going to go?” questions David.

“Their plan is to add 7,000 cars to Macdonald a day, raising it from 10,000 to 17,000 a day which is ridiculous. It’ll become like a super highway,” says Jim.

The city says vehicles will be directed to Macdonald and Fourth Avenue. Council expects to vote on a solution in July.