How to get your Home ready for Showings

You never get a second chance to make a first impression - Unknown.

With one of the biggest investments on the line, you want to make sure that first impression lasts. Here are some suggestions as to what you can do to make your House presentable:

Property Maintenance/Repair:

  • Repair any cracks
  • Repair toilets and any leaks
  • Make sure door knobs are tight and working
  • Paint touch ups
  • Clean Windows and Blinds
  • Clean furnance
  • Make sure all the light bulbs are functional
  • Make sure switches are not broken or wires hanging out of them
  • If need be, reseal Bathtubs, showers and wash basins

Curb Appeal

  • Mow the Lawn
  • Trim hedgesor tree limbs
  • Pressure Wash driveway, walkway and dirty siding
  • Make sure all the mold and mildew are removed
  • Clean gutters
  • Dispose of any leaves
  • Store any unnecessary equipment or tools
  • Add outdoor lighting or lamps - this will enhance home appearance at night
  • Make sure Garage is clean

Day of Showing

Things to do:

  • Make sure the floors/carpets are clean
  • Valuables are stored and hidden
  • Bathrooms are not wet and smell fresh
  • Counters are clean
  • Appliances are clean from inside and outside (Do not leave clothes in the laundry)
  • No Garbage/litter
  • Give some space to the potential buyers, leave the house for the appointment
  • Make sure all the lights are on and blinds/drapes are open
  • Make sure its the right temperature, turn on the Heat (if need be), or Air Conditioning (adds feature to the property)
  • You can also light up scented candles

Things not to do:

  • Cleaning up last minute, this always leaves a chance that you may miss something
  • Try not to use the bathroom 15-20 minutes before the appointment
  • Doing laundry at the same time when the appointment is going on
  • Following the potential buyers around the house - this may interfere with their decision making
  • We all love food, but have different taste, so cooking something just before the appointment might leave a smell that may not be pleasing to the viewers

I am new to Real Estate but these are the things that I have noticed works, please feel free to add comments, suggestions.


Sid Sidhu