Judge orders mom and son to move out and sell Surrey condo

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After years of being noisy, spitting at other residents, and using obscene language and gestures, a Surrey woman and her adult son have been ordered to move out and sell their condo within 30 days.


B.C. Supreme Court Justice Richard Blair made the ruling against Rose Jordison and her son Jordy this week after the mom and son were found in contempt of court for breaching an injunction issued last January.


Blair had actually ordered the Jordisons to sell their condominium in Guildford in Janaury 2012 due to numerous harassment and noise complaints from neighbours in her complex that amounted to what he called an "assault" on other residents.


But the Jordisons appealed the ruling and won, allowing them to stay in their home. However, the court still ordered that the Jordisons abide by the strata rules and refrain from being excessively loud, making obscene gestures, or uttering offensive comments at other strata members or their families.


The Jordisons, according to the latest court decision, breached those orders.


The strata has spent several years trying to deal with the harassment of other condo owners, imposing about $20,000 in fines for breaking rules and bylaws between 2007 and 2011.


A neighbour said the offensive behaviour of the Jordisons didn't stop after last year's court order, with noise, intentional harassment, insults, rude gestures, spitting, assaults, screaming, yelling, stomping, door slamming, and pounding on doors and walls continuing unabated.


She cited a pair of incidents last August and September when Jordy Jordison threw water and spat at her when she was on her patio, while another resident said Jordy, who is in his 20s and reportedly has a high-functioning form of autism, had blocked her from using a stairwell and swore at her.


In his March 20 written decision, Justice Blair ruled that the Jordison's behaviour "has remained similar" to that which led to the strata's original complaint.


"I conclude further that the respondents have intentionally, wilfully, and in a blameworthy fashion disobeyed the order of this court," wrote Blair. "Such behaviour on the part of the respondents constitutes contempt of this court by the respondents."


Blair noted that neither Rose Jordison or her son appeared for a court date Jan. 24, 2013. He adjourned the matter to Feb. 18 due to their absence. Jordison emailed the court saying she was unavailable on that date as well, but the hearing proceeded without her.


While he called the Jordison's behaviour "reprehensible" and it put them in contempt of a court order, Blair said it was not so egregious that it warranted jail time. A fine, he said, was also pointless as the Jordisons likely wouldn't be able to pay.


The Jordisons have been given 30 days to vacate the condo or they'll be arrested. If the condo is not sold by the owners within 30 days, the strata will have conduct of the sale, the court ordered.