Lost at sea, B.C. woman and eight friends survive with no food or water

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A Canadian woman and her eight friends survived four days lost at sea this week without food, water or gas to get home.

Tasha Brown from Grand Forks, B.C., who was on a working holiday in Honduras, told ABC News she learned an important lesson after her boating trip became a struggle to survive. The boat ran out of gas on the trip home, causing it to drift about 105 kilometres from where they planned to reach shore.

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"Don't get in a boat unless there's water, paddles, gas and a flare gun," Brown says in the clip below.



The stranded boaters survived by drinking rain water they collected in buckets during two storms,according to Good Morning America.

CBC News reported the group also caught and ate a sea bird.

Brown said she tried to move the boat forward by jumping into the water and pulling while others paddled from inside. Finally, rescue arrived after the coast guard

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