Maintenance Advice

Here's what to look for:

  1. Check window and door seals. Cold weather may have hardened and cracked sealing materials, which can lead to leaks and drafts next winter. Now's the time to do the necessary resealing, especially if you're thinking about painting.
  2. Repair and paint wood surfaces. Probe wood trim with a screwdriver to discover any rotting, and replace or seal the affected boards. If you discover peeling or blistering paint, strip it down to the bare wood. Then paint all surfaces with a good quality product. Not only will your house look better, you'll be avoiding more expensive work in the future.
  3. Fill in low areas. Winter's cold temperatures and moisture can sometimes cause the soil around your foundation to settle and create low areas. The next time it rains, water can collect in those areas and potentially seep into your basement. To avoid any expensive damage, fill in the low areas with compacted soil.
  4. Check vents and filters. Clean your furnace and air conditioner filters to extend the life of your motors and ensure healthier air. Clean your dryer vent and remove any lint build-up. This reduces drying times and helps prevent fire.
  5. Check the roof. If winter storms loosened any shingles or damaged seals around chimneys, have the necessary repairs done now before you get water damage.
  6. Clean window screens. Debris from winter winds may have clogged up your screens so they won't be as easy to see through or keep you as cool this summer. Remove them and spray with water.
  7. Prepare the lawn mower. Check electric mowers for cord damage. Change the oil in gas mowers. Sharpen cutting blades. Consider raising the cutting level to reduce how often you have to mow and to keep your grass healthier.