NFC Wild Card Playbook: Seattle Seahawks have too much defense and are too healthy for banged up Robert Griffin III and Washington Redskins


Redskins WR Pierre Garcon vs. Seahawks CB Richard Sherman: As much as both teams want to run the ball, RG3  is going to have to make some plays downfield against one of the best secondaries in the NFL. Garcon has been his go-to guy and he’ll often put the ball up, confident his receiver will come down with it. That’s going to be a bigger gamble against Sherman, a physical corner with great ball skills who will compete for every pass.

“The Seahawks have done well against the option read plays run by the Panthers and 49ers. This is a different animal, though. The Redskins throw a lot of misdirection at you and will force the Seahawks to bring a safety (Earl Thomas) into the box against Alfred Morris. Seattle is built to defend the pass so this will be an interesting chess match. The Redskins are trusting their secondary more and will blitz (QB Russell) Wilson as they did Tony Romo. They want to force (him) into making quick decisions. The Seahawks had some problems protecting against the Rams. The Redskins have stabilized their play at the safety spots. They’re giving up fewer big plays. Wilson is at his best improvising so they can’t be sucked in when he takes off.”

The two hottest teams in the NFC (a combined 14-1 down the stretch) meet as near-mirror images, right down to their rookie quarterbacks and the confidence they exude. Each team really has nothing to lose so playoff inexperience, nerves won’t play much of a part. It should be a free-wheeling, exciting game. Had the game been played in ear-splitting Seattle, it would be a clear advantage for the Seahawks, but they are going to have to go coast-to-coast to deal with the noise problems a rejuvenated FedEx Field can provide. They were 3-5 on the road.

Seahawks, 31-27. RG3 is still not himself. Wilson wins matchup vs. Redskins D.

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