Organize Your Home Before Selling

Sukhi Kang 604-377-1246 One of the most daunting tasks in the process of selling a home is preparing it for viewing by discriminating prospective buyers. It can be very tempting to simply clean a home and allow buyers to walk through the home and view it the way it looks while occupied. However, it is important for the homeowner to realize that the home must have a show house quality once the house goes on the market. Picky buyers are looking for near perfection as they imagine themselves living in the home after it is purchased. Following these steps will help to ensure that prospective buyers are able to picture themselves in your home after purchasing it for top dollar.

CLEAR THE CLUTTER - When preparing your home for sale the first thing you need to do is eliminate clutter. You want prospective buyers to see your home and not your stuff! By getting rid the items you no longer need and packing away items you don’t need at this moment, you create more space in the house. Your home will look spacious and inviting.

CLEAN YOUR HOUSE SO THAT IT SPARKLES – Once the clutter is gone, make your house shine by doing a thorough cleaning.

FIX IT - Even the smallest repairs can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home. You want your house to be in the best shape possible.

DECORATE -Decorate your home with the buyer in mind. With some simple and inexpensive decorating tips, you can create a home that appeals to the buyer.

CURB APPEAL - With a little spruce up on the outside, you can maximize your home’s curb appeal and improve the buyer’s first impression of your home.

KEEP YOUR HOME LOOKING GREAT EVERYDAY - And finally, keep your house looking great every day with regular maintenance. The “weekly maintenance” and “just before showing” checklists keep you organized and always prepared for buyers to see your home.

By taking care of these things before calling a real estate agent and then keeping up with them throughout the sale of your home, your chances of getting top dollar and a quicker sale are almost guaranteed. Good luck!