Robertson has no plans to lead B.C. NDP

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson told reporters today that taking over the leadership of the B.C. NDP party is not something he’s considering because he enjoys being mayor more.

The mayor is marking the half-way point of his term in office by reflecting back on recent provincial developments, address the rumours he might takeover as leader of the NDP and let us know his thoughts on the scandal surrounding his Toronto counterpart, Rob Ford.

Robertson admits his name has been mentioned as a possible successor to Adrian Dix but alao says he hasn’t been courted by anyone specific.  And while he’s not planning on returning to provincial politics, he is watching Victoria and is pleased the BC liberals have rejected northern gateway in its current state.

As for Kinder Morgan’s expansion plan, Robertson opposes it but isn’t saying if that could change. Pipelines fall under federal jurisdiction and instead, Robertson plans on continuing to focus his time on ending street homelessness and building safer bike lanes. Both of these areas have prompted critics to question if the city is truly listening to the public.

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