Shopping Effectively

Know your price and your range

Let’s say you’re out looking for some denim. If you have your ideal price ($55) and an acceptable range ($35-$90), you won’t be out of options if the pair you were eyeing is unavailable or you just can’t find it.

Have this range in your head before you go out; that way you won’t be questioning any of your purchases in case you can’t find the exact pair you set out to acquire. As long as it falls into your acceptable range, you’re golden!

Stay focused. It’s easy to get distracted

Browsing the suits or shoes at Bloomingdale’s when you should be getting your ass to Target to buy some Hanes isn’t exactly staying focused. You’re in a completely different store, for starters.

This all ties in to being prepared before you go out. Hey, you’re the one complaining about shopping in the first place. Stay on task so you’re not in that hell hole of a shopping mall any longer than you have to be.

If you have time and you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, then by all means, take a look. It wouldn’t hurt. But if you need to get in and out and you’re just not in the mood to shop, stop wasting time by looking at other items. Get your stuff, and get the hell outta there.

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