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Get unlimited admission to public sessions at Park Board fitness centres, indoor and outdoor pools, and ice rinks with a monthly Flexipass. These passes do not include access to most registered or drop-in programs.

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Flexipasses are active from the date you buy the pass for the period of time you have bought it for, not by calendar month. For example, if you buy a one month flexipass on 3 March, it would be valid for one month from  3 March to 3 April.

How to buy Flexipasses

To buy Flexipasses, visit participating community centres in person. If you have previously purchased a Flexipass, you may be able to renew your pass online.

Note: When you renew a pass, you must renew for the same length of time. If you want to change the length that your pass is valid, for example, if you have a 1 month pass and want to change to a 6 month pass, you must buy a new pass in-person.

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Flexipass fees

Prices do not include tax.


  1 month3 month4 month6 month12 month
Adult (19-64 years) $43.76 $114.29 $144.67 $197.33 $357.14
Youth (13-18 years) $30.38 $80.38 $100.90 $138.38 $250.00
Child (3-12 years) $22.33 $57.14 $72.33 $99.10 $178.57
Senior (65+ years) $30.38 $80.38 $100.90 $138.38 $250.00


Adjustments, corrections or refunds to Flexipasses are completed at the facility where the pass was originally purchased.

Suspending Flexipasses

If you purchase a Flexipass, but are unable to use if during the time it is active, you may be able to suspend it for a period of time and then resume it at a later date. While a flexipass is suspended, you are not able to use it at any facility.

  • You can suspend your Flexipass for the following reasons:
    • Medical conditions (a doctor's note is not required)
    • Leaves (holidays, business trips)
    • Facility closures, e.g., the facility you use is closed for a period of time
  • You may suspend your Flexipass once during the calendar year.
  • You must suspend your Flexipass for at least two weeks. Suspensions of less than two weeks may be approved at the discretion of the facility cordinator or supervisor.

To suspend or reactivate your Flexipass, contact a participating facility.

Refunding Flexipasses

If you no longer want to use your pass and do not wish to suspend it, you may be able to receive a partial refund on your Flexipass. Please note that some promotional Flexipass products cannot be refunded. For more information, please contact any location where Flexipasses are sold. 

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