Vancouver Jazz Festival




Add a little education to your Jazz Festival adventure! You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy the Festival’s FREE education programs! Each event embraces a wide range of creative issues: you may learn Cuban song styles, experiment with improvisation, broaden your knowledge of jazz history, play with toy pianos, or hear the future of jazz. You’re welcome to participate or just sit back and listen. Either way, Coastal Jazz invites you to immerse yourself in a diversity of musical perspectives, sounds and ideas. Above all, THINK JAZZ!

Education Vision Statement:

The CJBS outreach, education and community programs are designed to inspire a passion for the currency and immediacy of the living art of improvised music. We support performance practices that broaden the institutionalized study of jazz by connecting both musicians and listeners with the creative tradition of experimentation that is the legacy of the music. Never losing sight of the importance of intermingling creativity with craft, CJBS generates opportunities for mentoring relationships to develop and evolve between novice, emerging and seasoned artists, and listeners. We encourage and facilitate programs that combine inventiveness, innovation, spontaneity and musical risk-taking with the sheer pleasures of learning, listening and playing. Astutely aware that jazz and improvised musics have never existed in a vacuum apart from the communities they serve, CJBS welcomes diversity in musical perspectives. We endeavor to design programs that promote dialogue between and within diverse communities through the sharing of sounds and ideas. CJBS recognizes that improvisational practices cross borders of all kinds - borders of culture, gender, race, class, generation, sound, style - and we support the polyphony of voices that resonate in our community.