Vancouver's new Official Development Plan lacks public input, while Vision "engages" on city-wide block parties

This proves George Orwell's premise that governments will say one thing while they do the opposite.

Vision Vancouver is proposing city-wide block parties as a means to engage citizens, rather than including people in meaningful discussions on how they want their city to develop over the next 30 years.

The Official Development Plan and Regional Context Statement is Vancouver's overarching plan. It will direct all development in the city of Vancouver for the next 30 years, which presently includes proposals to hand over regional designation of large swaths of the city, yet it is being fast-tracked through the system without public involvement.

All of the city's development and land use policies are bundled up into this one document and presented with a plan to Metro Vancouver for approval.  The plan is second in importance only to the Vancouver Charter, which legally governs the city.

City hall has been working on these plans with the region, province, and TransLink under the public radar for over a decade. The city continues to present the plans as merely procedural, even though they will affect the future of every neighbourhood and citizen of Vancouver.

For example, one of the policies included in this plan is the rezoning along all arterials that was approved last fall without consultation as an "interim" policy.

Our previous regional plan was the Liveable Region Strategic Plan. The current regime replaced it with the Regional Growth Strategy in July 2011. By July 2013, every municipality in the region is expected to submit its own plan to show how it intends to achieve the growth strategy goals set out in the Regional Growth Strategy.

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