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Sequel 138 A Downtown Arts and Housing

Introducing an affordable home ownership model through CMHC that allows a qualified person to purchase a Sequel 138 home for
$0 Down.

For those that wish to live downtown, work in the area and want to be part of the changing community, Sequel 138 Development Corp with its partners has designed and Affordable Home Ownership (AHO) Model.

Note: A deposit of $5000 when signing a contract to purchase a home is required.  This deposit is for closing bank and fees only. Vancity is waiving bank and appraisal fees and with estimated legal fees for property close at $1000 a Qualified Purchaser will be refunded approximately $4000 at closing.

For further details about the $0 down payment and deposit requirements please contact DAVID HUTCHINSON 778-839-5442 E-MAIL: DAVID.HUTCHINSON@CENTURY21.CA

Sequel 138 Features


Own Downtown For $5000 Down

It's gonna make a big difference. It's gonna open up the area. It's like sunlight shining in the area instead of dark cloud.

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