What to take with you when home shopping

You will want to make the process of shopping for a home as productive and enjoyable as possible. After all, you'll be on a quest to find your next dream home. That's why it's important to take the right things with you:

• A digital camera, so you can take pictures of the features you like in the properties you see or a SMARTPHONE.

• A notepad, so you can take notes or a SMARTPHONE.

• A map of the area, so you can check out local parks and other neighbourhood features or a SMARTPHONE AGAIN!!!


• Clear driving directions to each of the properties you want to see or  wait for it.......a SMARTPHONE. I bet you wouldn't have guessed that one.

•  A measuring tape ( This  feature is  somewhat  lacking in smartphones)

• Some healthy snacks and beverages, (especially important if you're taking the kids along).

One of the best ways to shop for a home, and actually enjoy the experience, is to work with a great REALTOR®. (and have a great smartphone).

PS: You could Evernote on your phone to take pics, make notes and voice memos regarding the property. You can later access it from your desktop.