Who should have Darwin the Ikea monkey?


Yasmin Nakhuda is in court today in her latest bid to regain custody of Darwin, the infamous Ikea monkey.

Darwin became a media darling back in December when he was found wandering around a Toronto Ikea parking lot wearing a faux-shearling coat. Dozens of hilarious Internet memes quickly followed.

But for Nakhuda, the incident was no laughing matter. Darwin was picked up by Toronto Animal Services and sent to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ont. It's illegal to own a monkey in the city of Toronto, and the sanctuary has alleged in court documents that Nakhuda had abused the monkey. They also say that at a certain age, rhesus macaque monkeys become difficult to control and thus should not be pets.

Nakhuda has twice gone before the courts in unsuccessful bids to get Darwin back. She has pledged to move her family to a jurisdiction that allows pet monkeys and has set up a Facebook page on which she has posted photos, videos and messages to Darwin.

So we ask you ... where does Darwin belong? With Nakhuda or the primate sanctuary?