Why You Should Choose an Independent Mortgage Consultant


  • Rate-shopping on your own can actually be hazardous to your credit. Every time a lender checks your credit, the credit bureaus take notice. Too many inquiries may weaken your credit rating, possibly affecting the rate and terms of your mortgage. As your broker I will make one inquiry only, regardless of how many lenders I deal with.


  • It could take weeks for you to organize appointments with competing mortgage lenders — and we know you’d probably rather spend your time house-hunting! We work directly with dozens of lenders, and can quickly narrow down a list of those that suit you best. It makes comparison-shopping fast, easy, and convenient.


  • In most residential Type-A deals I do not charge a fee as I am paid by the lenders. A fee is charged only for the most challenging credit solutions, and it’s especially under those circumstances that a mortgage professional CAN DO for you what your bank cannot.
  • A broker/lender fee may also apply for private, commercial & farm mortgages but not without prior written consent of you the client.


  • As an independent mortgage broker, I am not tied to any one lender or range of products unlike a bank’s own mortgage specialist who sell their own products. My goal is to help you successfully finance your home or property.


  • I start by getting to know you and your home ownership goals. I’ll make a recommendation, drawing from available mortgage products that match your needs, and we will decide together on what’s right for you. When it comes to mortgages, rates and the housing market, I’ll speak to you in plain language. I can explain the various mortgage terms and conditions so you can choose confidently.


  • I have access to a network of major lenders in Canada, so your options are extensive. In addition to traditional lenders, I also know what’s being offered by credit unions, trust companies and other sources. I am here to help you with all your mortgage requirements before your closing date.


I am proud to put you in touch with my network of the industry's top professionals who, together with me, will support you through your Real Estate experience from start to finish! This week's tip is by Nav Thind from Alpha Mortgage House Corporation.

Nav Thind
Is a graduate of UBC Sauder School of Business, Nav Thind has been working as a Sub Mortgage Broker since April 2014.

Nav is currently working with Alpha Mortgage House Corp, an independent Mortgage Brokerage firm that deals with major lending institutions such as banks, credit unions, trust companies, mortgage companies and mortgage investment corporations.

Nav works side by side with Garry and loves helping her clients (existing and new) with their mortgage needs.