Princeton gives away free houses — if you haul it.


This takes moving to a whole new level: Princeton University in New Jersey is giving away free houses, but only if you can haul it away on your own.

Martin Mbugua, a university spokesperson, told the houses are on south side of the campus on Alexander street. The homes are available free of charge and come in "as-in condition” as they soon face demolition.

The area is going to be the site for a new arts-focused development on campus, ABC reported, which will include a new train station and retail ventures, as well as public spaces and buildings for the arts. Construction is expected to begin early this year.

But those who want a free house must apply as soon as possible before work on the project begins. The houses need to be moved by the end of April, said Mbugua. To date, no one has offered to haul a house off the university's property, he added.

The houses are empty and each marked with a red and white X. That's a signal to the local fire department: If the house burns, don't take any risks to put it out, ABC says.

Fitting giveaway. Anyone need house materials for a funky art project?