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Ollie Ollie Oxen Free ! Is Your House Playing Hide And Seek On The Web !

Like most people I remember hide and seek as a kid to be a great fun thing to do outside and to put off homework for as long as I could. As a parent now with young still allows me to play with the kids before I have to do my work around the house. I always liked hiding more than seeking because you wanted to outsmart the person who was seeking but you knew eventually you ...

Asking the Living Room to Say CHEESE ! Preparing Your Home For Photos

   So you've made the decision. Your going to sell your home. You have met with a Realtor and discussed all the important things like the listing price etc. Then your Realtor casually says: "have the house ready for photos Tuesday and I'll drop by around 2pm."   Ready for photos? What does that mean? The idea that hundreds of potential buyers will judge ...

Real Estate Photos

 Have you ever been searching for your dream home on the Internet and spent a lot of time looking at dark blurry photos that don't show the house in a positive way. Well you certainly are not alone. Most buyers in todays market start their home search on the Internet. How do they decide what homes are of interest to them?? Pictures, pictures, pictures.  Check out a few samples of what you ...