Century 21 Colonial Bike Rodeo ! Yee Haw !

It's here! Bicycle Season!


Your kids are rare'n to ride. Now it's time to make sure their bicycles are ready for them and they are ready for their bicycles.

Saturday, June 19th, starting at 9:00am, we are holding the Century 21 Colonial Realty Bike Rodeo! With school getting out this month, kids are going to be heading to the streets (or driveways) on their bicycles. We want to help make sure that this summer is a safe and fun one by teaching them how to properly handle their bicycle and safely navigate the road.

This will be held in the parking lot at Century 21 Colonial Realty and we also thank Hillside Motors for sharing this lot with us.

The Charlottetown City Police will be there registering bicycles with Operation Bicycle Theft Prevention. They will log your contact information and put an ID sticker on your childs bike. They will also be talking to children about road safety.

Operation Headway will be here. They will be talking to children about the importance of wearing helmets and how to make sure your child’s helmet properly fits.

Smooth Cycle will be here checking out your child’s bicycle to make sure it is road ready and that it is the proper fit for your child.

The first 100 children will receive a Rodeo T-Shirt !

All children will receive a certificate once they complete the course. They can also get their picture taken with our very own Goldie the Bear!

We promise that not only will your child learn how to be a safer cyclist...just as important, they are going to have fun!

This event is free to you! We are proudly accepting donations to Easter Seals at this event.

Have a safe summer. Hope to see you there!!

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