Century 21 Colonial Realty Gets the First ColorQube on PEI

It's the first of it's kind on Prince Edward Island and it's here at Century 21 Colonial Realty. It's the ColorQube Xerox Copier. Not exactly riveting news at first glance but this IS something to get excited about. The ColorQube is revolutionizing today's offices primarily because of it's solid ink imaging technology. Here are some of the key features of the ColorQube (taken from InfoTrends May 7, 2009 article: Xerox ColorQube: New Solid-Ink Based MFP's Bring Affordable Color to the Office):

  • There are three ColorQube models with default print speeds of 38/50 ppm, 45/50 ppm and 50/50 ppm (color and monochrome)
  • An entirely new solid ink-based imaging platform that consist of staggered printheads to create an A3-size, page wide-array.
  • A "Hybrid Color Plan" provides customers with multi-tiered billing and metering options based on color-coverage per page - resulting in new standards for color per-page pricing.
  • High-yield ink sticks (based on Xerox's latest formulation and ink forming process) allows for low operating costs and improved productivity at reduced power consumption levels, when compared to previous generations of solid ink technology.
  • New user interface offers videos to help with step by step procedures for device maintenance.


Ok, so much of that information made my eyes glaze over, but what did register was the environmental and cost benefits of this machine. The most compelling attribute of solid ink from an environmental standpoint is the limited amount of waste that is generated by this technology. There are no toner cartridges to dispose of, fuser units, imaging units or any other consumable item typically associated with a copier.

Another important attribute relating to solid ink technology is the benefit provided in the overall carbon footprint. In a life cycle analysis, it was found that there was lower energy consumption, less greenhouse gas emissions, fewer raw materials and about 90% less waste than a typical laser system. 

Xerox also went so far as to use environmentally friendly packaging for it's supplies. The solid ink sticks are encased in a plastic tub packaged in a cardboard box. The plastic is is made of 100% recycled materials and the box is made of 45% recycled materials.

This new machine is one more way that we are trying to make our office more environmentally friendly.

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