Charlottetown City Police, I'm Giving You a High Five!

Yesterday morning was a typical Monday morning. I was heading to work travelling up North River Road turning onto Kirkwood straight through to St. Peter's Road and then on to the Century 21 Colonial Realty office. Almost without fail, everyday I see someone running a red light at the Queen and Kirkwood intersection, usually someone travelling North or South. It has become so common place to see people running these lights that many people have become savvy to it and will wait on their green light before entering the intersection as a safety precaution.

As I sat there at the red light yesterday morning, then sat a bit more after the light turned green allowing two more cars to go through their red light...I thought, this is ridiculous. It amazed me that someone has not been seriously hurt or killed here. So when I got to work, I thought, what the heck, I sent an email to the Charlottetown City Police. Back in the Spring some of the City Police Officers came to our office and helped us with our Spring Bike Rodeo. They were a great, friendly bunch. I thought....maybe if they hear from enough people, something will happen.


This morning I got a call from Marvin Cameron with the Charlottetown City Police. He told me he had been made aware of my concerns and wanted to let me know that this particular area was an area of concern for him as well in addition to other intersections along Queen Street. He said that just this morning he ticketed someone for running a red at Kirkwood and Queen and that he will be targeting this intersection particularly at high traffic times. He also said these areas were of great concern with school resuming in a few weeks and children walking to and from school using Queen Street. He was so accommodating that he even asked if there were other areas I was concerned with that he could give more attention to! I felt a sudden rush of power...ha ha, but I said I would really appreciate if Queen Street was addressed.

This was a great experience for me. I was contacted quickly and by phone. I expected a return email but was really pleased to get a call and speak with Marvin directly. I feel I should call him Officer Cameron but he introduced himself as Marvin. Marvin was extremely receptive to my concerns and assured me he would be doing something about the situation. I am totally impressed with the Charlottetown City Police's response to my concern and feel confident that something will be done about the Queen Street situation. Hopefully it will be an expensive day for some people on Queen Street!

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