Even Realtors Have Their Limits

Many people don't know the lengths to which some agents will go to work with clients. They will go out in terrible weather, trudge through mud on country lanes, view homes that have been somewhat neglected, to put it kindly, work weekends, evenings, even holidays, but on Wednesday, September 8th, realtor Kelly Lantz, found her limit.

An ordinary morning by all accounts, Kelly receives a call from a prospective client. The call starts like most, the client is interested in selling his home. He briefs her a bit on the type of home and it's location and then things take a disturbing turn. The man sounds vexed. He tells Kelly that he needs to sell the home...quickly. He goes on to explain that something is happening in the house, he's hearing noises. He says that his neighbors told him something had happened in the house many years ago, something bad, but he doesn't know what.

In mid sentence, the man pulls away from the phone and calls out to something that has just made a startling sound in his house. Kelly can hear noises in the background and is becoming increasingly freaked out. After several more disturbing incidents like this during the call, the man becomes panicked and asks Kelly how soon she can come out to the house. She hesitates and says she doesn't know if she can. Fearing what may be in store if she takes this listing on, she says if she can't come out personally, she can find someone who can take a look at the property. He agrees and gives her his telephone number, 566-9191 and says 'ask for Paul Alan with the Magic 93 Funny Phone'.

If you need a good laugh on a Friday, click on the link below to hear the call:


I should mention...the funniest part of the call might have been after the jig is up and Kelly admits she was going to send out her mother-in-law, Charlotte Lantz to see the property!

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