Your home is your castle, but when your castle is for sale it is very important that any potential buyers visiting your home can envision themselves living there.  They have to be able to see the way their life can fit into what is, for now, someone else's home.

Depersonalizing is the best and easiest way to help buyers see for themselves that this could be their new home. Remove personal photos and family pictures from the walls and shelving. These can be distracting and take away their ability to see their own family living there. Keep it simple when decorating, use scenic paintings and house plants for a more neutral but pleasant atmosphere

Get rid of the clutter!

Before putting your house on the market, get rid of the clutter and any extras in and around your house. Buy totes if necessary and stack them neatly in your storage area. This will help showcase how spacious your house is and lets potential buyers see the house and not the things in it.

Finally a fresh coat of paint goes a long way for a little investment. Choose neutral colors throughout  the house for the best effect of space and lighting.



Happy House Hunting


Kimberly McCullough

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